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CATV/MATV Coaxial Drop Cable (1)

ความรู้สนับสนุนด้านเทคนิค : CATV/MATV Coaxial Drop Cable (1)

LENSO: CATV/MATV Coaxial Drop Cable (1)

Details of Construction and Material

Center Conductor
Copper-clad steel 18% minimum conductivity.

Closed cell, high velocity precision matrix foamed
polyethylene which provides optimum dielectric
hardness. The foam is bonded to the center conductor
with a clean stripping, proprietary moisture-blocking
polymer. Attenuation remains stable from 0% to 100%
relative humidity.

First Outer Conductor

Sealed aluminum-polypropylene-aluminum (APA)
laminated tape longitudinally wrapped with an
overlap around the dielectric to provide 100%
coverage of the dielectric and long-term reliability
of shielding performance.

Second Outer Conductor
Standard coverage aluminum alloy wire braids
improve shielding ability and provide additional
mechanical strength.

Third Outer Conductor
Unsealed aluminum-polypropylene-Aluminum (APA)
laminated tape, in conjunction with the second
shield, provides an additional shield for improved
signal isolation.

Fourth Outer Conductor
Economy coverage aluminum alloy wire braids, in
conjunction with the first braids, sandwiches the
second tape assuring good metallic contact in the
overlap of the tape.

PVC jacketed, galvanized steel wire integrally attached
to cable jacket with easily separable PVC web serves as
support for cable. The 0.051 inch wire has a 82kgf break
strength, 0.072 inch has a 166kgf break strength.

Corrosion Resistant Protectant
Flooding compound has corrosion resistant protect.

Protective PVC applied over the braid to
environmentally seal the construction.


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