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Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
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Building Cable > Coaxial Cable  

Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
ชื่อสินค้า:   JIS Coaxial Cable Download Download  PDF File

รายละเอียดสินค้า ( Product Detail )
Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
รหัสสินค้า (Product ID): 10D-2V
Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
คำอธิบายอย่างย่อ: Radio Applications
Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
จำนวนบรรจุ ต่อหน่วย: 1  m.
Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
ราคาปกติ ต่อหน่วย: Call
Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable Building Cable  > Coaxial Cable
JIS Coaxial Cable : Radio Applications
       ข้อกำหนด คุณลักษณะของสินค้า (Specification):

50 Ohm PE Series
Standard Construction:
Solid or stranded, copper or copper covered steel conductor, PE insulation, bare copper braid shield
95% coverage.

Product Description
Conductor : No/mm (AWG) : 1/2.9
                 Mtrl.              : BC
Insulation  : O.D. (mm.): 9.7
                 Mtrl.         : PE
Shield       : 95% BC Braid
Jacket      : O.D. (mm.): 13.1
                 Mtrl.         : PVC
Nom. Capa. (Ω): 50
Nom. Capa. (pF/m.): 100

Standard Attenuation @20°C (dB/km)

     1 MHz    12     7    6    4
  10 MHz    41   27  20  14
  30 MHz    75   46  35  24
200 MHz  205 125  95  65

Radio Applications
Interior lines for communication, Wireless equipment for
personal radio, MCA, AVM, and amateur radio, Antenna
feeder line, Wiring between or inside high frequency
transmission units.
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