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Network Cable > Fiber Optic Cabling System  

Fiber Optic Cabling System |  Vertically Mounted 110 Blocks,
Fiber Optic Cabling System |  ػó,
Թ:   Pigtail Assemblies Download Download  PDF File

´Թ ( Product Detail )
Թ (Product ID): 40001-LL-ST
͸Ժҧ: 9/125 Singlemode Pigtail
ӹǹè ˹: 1  pcs.
Ҥһ ˹: Call
Pigtail Assemblies : 9/125 Singlemode Pigtail
 Cat.6 210 Field Termination Kits,
       ͡˹ سѡɳТͧԹ (Specification):
 Enhanced Category 5 Flexible UTP Multi-Color,

Product Description
A short length of single-fiber tight-buffered cable,
that has on optical connector on one end and a
length of exposed ifber at the other end. The
exposed fiber of the pigtail is then spliced to one
fiber of a multi-fiber trunk, to enable the multi-fiber
cable to be "broken out" into
individual single-fiber
cables that may be connected to a patch panel or
an input or output port of ST, and LC; if no mentioned,
it should be PC contact. If APC contact, the part
number should suffix "-APC". Fiber type could be
single mode and multimode.

LL : Fiber Length
Xn: Fiber Type (Example : 06 means OM1 62.5/125µm;05 means OM2
50/125µm; 05a means OM3 50/125µm aqua color; 09 means OS1 9/125µm)

 ˹Ť͹Ԥ ػó俿,
  RJ-45 ҡѺ UTP ǹºҡѺ Hub դ㹡Ѻ-觢 10/100Mbps,
Ѻ ҹʹ㨵ͧᤵ͡Թ ͺ´ سҵԴ . .. ô
02-7352500 ءѹӡ
ѹ - ء 8.30 -17.00 .  ѹ 8.30 - 12.00
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